Two years into my permanent post at the University of East Anglia, I am still travelling and visiting other institutions with my work, as well as with the independent workshops which have always been at the heart of my teaching.

A happy return for the third time to the F.I.N.D.Plus Festival at the Schaubuehne in Berlin - 80 students from all over Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, the USA and Turkey - what a great environment to work in! Now regular visits to the film directing students of the KHM Academy of Arts in Cologne. And back again to my Scandinavian home Skuespillerakadmiet in Copenhagen, which is deservedly growing in student numbers and in reputation. Fantastisk!

But I am going back to Hamburg in September, and Berlin in either October or November! For anyone interested to work with me, digging deeper into the craft, probing your own borders and capacities, I hope these short visits will offer something exciting. 

For actors, directors and teachers, I plan to offer one of my full week-long intensive workshops in the Meisner Technique here in the UK around Easter time 2018.

And for the Summer, I am convening a fantastically exciting international workshop conference and symposium on actors in film-making, hosted at the University of East Anglia! I hope to see you soon!


SCENE-WORK MASTERCLASS – two day intensive on text in HAMBURG

Thursday and Friday, September 21st and 22nd 2017.

This is a pretty rare opportunity to study with me in a small group for a concentrated weekend on your scene-work. Selection of scenes and partners will be organised beforehand and the focus of the work will be on a full understanding of the situation, the characters and their actions, and a deepening of the skills needed to execute this in your work.

As always I will work very personally with you at the edge of your capacities, so it will be a challenging but deeply rewarding time. Aimed at actors with training and experience who want that challenge and want to raise their game. You need to have completed at least the equivalent of the first two workshops to participate in this one. Please be prepared to work hard.

10.30h to 17.00h, one hour lunch pause. PLACES AVAILABLE


MEISNER MASTERCLASS – two day intensive in BERLIN

October 2017, dates to be confirmed.

A weekend on deepening your technique and freeing up your text-work. The Meisner technique is now very familiar to a lot of actors, but how deep do its lessons go, and can you marry its improvisational freedoms with the demands of text and rehearsal?

For young, ambitious actors who know how good you want to be, as well as established actors ready to shake up their habits. Please be prepared to work hard.

10.30h to 17.00h, one hour lunch pause. PLACES AVAILABLE


EMOTIONAL PREPARATION – From You straight to the Text, LONDON

January 2018, dates to be confirmed.

This five-day intensive course opens the whole subject of working with our emotions, of the challenge of digging deeply but also of trusting ourselves enough to “let go”. When we feel under pressure to deliver emotional moments, we find ourselves squeezing for them, and yet our favourite actors make it look so EASY..!

During this class, you will explore specific exercises which access your emotional triggers, finding out how they function and how they transfer in a totally practical way to your work in text. For anyone who thinks they are simply “not emotional” or for actors who are, but don’t understand how to “get it when it matters”. This stuff opens a whole world of possibilities to the open-minded, courageous actor. Previous experience of the Meisner Technique will be helpful but not required.

10.30h to 17.00h, one hour lunch pause. PLACES AVAILABLE

All courses have a maximum ten places 

Each workshop is individually bookable.

Please register for any of these weekends by email on info@mikebernardin-actorsspace.com if you have any questions about them.





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