Mike is working out of his UK base, in Norfolk, England, and will be offering workshops over the next few months in:


Berlin             October 7th to 9th                        Meisner Technique Digging Deeper       Venue to be confirmed

Cologne           October 28th to 30th                    Introduction to Meisner                       Academy of Media Arts (KHM)

Berlin              November 18th to 20th                 Introduction to Meisner                       The Point Project Venue to be confirmed

Berlin              December 2nd to 4th                    Advanced Scene Work                         Venue to be confirmed

Copenhagen     September 19th to 23rd                Advanced Scenework                          Actors-Space/ActorsPlayground @ Skuespillerakademiet

Ludwigsburg     December 2016                            Introduction to Meisner                       Akademie der Darstellende Kuenst


Berlin              Feb 2nd to 4th                              Scenes and Monologues                       The Berlin Project (contact for details)

Cologne           March 25th to 26th                        Introduction to Meisner                      Academy of Media Arts (KHM)

Berlin              March 27th to 30th                        Introduction to Meisner                      The Point Project (Venue to be confirmed) 2 spaces only available

Cologne           April 1st and 2nd                           Introduction to text in Meisner           Academy of Media Arts (KHM)

Berlin              April 4th to 6th                             FIND+ International Festival                Schaubuehne

Berlin              April 3rd and 7th                           Scenes and Monologues                      The Berlin Project (contact for details)      2 spaces only available

Ludwigsburg    April 18th to 22nd                          Advanced Scenework                         Akademie der Darstellende Kuenst

Berlin              May 5th, 6th and 7th                     Advanced technique and scenework    Studio Amelie Tambour, Schoeneberg        4 places available

Copenhagen     June                                             Meisner in Improvisation/Rehearsal    Teater ZeBu

Berlin              July 21st, 22nd and 23rd                Advanced technique and scenework    Studio Amelie Tambour, Schoeneberg        2 places available

Look for news of British and American Workshops and more regular visits to The Berlin Project throughout the summer:   info@mikebernardin-actorsspace.com  

Copenhagen    September                                     Emotional Preparation/Monologues     Skuespillerakademiet

Hamburg         September 21st and 22nd               Advanced Scenework                          Venue to be Confirmed,                            places available 

Cologne          November                                      Working with Actors                            Academy of Media Arts (KHM)

Copenhagen    November                                      Scenework with Meisner                      Danish Actors Union

Ludwigsburg    December  18th to 22nd                 Advanced Scenework                          Akademie der Darstellende Kuenst

Already on the Boards for 2018, look out for....

Easter 2018   - Actors-Space, Norfolk, UK - Residential Intensive Meisner acting workshop for all professional film and theatre practitioners.

Six days exploring (as well as demystifying) the fundamentals of this now-famous technique. "Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" (Sanford Meisner)

We will practice Meisner's core exercises, examining their implications for our work, whether as actor, director or teacher. What is 'a moment' ? Can an actor 'stop thinking' ? What does 'authenticity' mean in performance? Is it antithetical to rehearsal?

Dates to be finalised, cost £575 including five nights accommodation. Enquiries and registration via info@mikebernardin-actorsspace.com


Summer 2018 - University of East Anglia, Norfolk UK - Symposium and Workshop Conference: "The Actor as Creative Collaborator"

An exploration of the relationship between actor, writer and director in the creative process of film making. Improvisation as a writing tool; routes to authenticity in performance; planning for the surprise of the unplanned moment; taking pleasure in the terror of the unforeseen. Featuring workshops and addresses from established practitioners, guest lecturers, actors and film directors, whose work is associated with actor-centric processes.

Dates to be finalised, costs of participation vary, accommodation available. Enquiries and registration via m.bernardin@uea.ac.uk



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